Pinson, Alabama

September 30 - October 1, 2016





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The Alabama Butterbean Festival was started by Palmerdale Homesteads Community Center ( as an effort to raise money for the renovation of the Palmerdale School that was built in 1937. The school is now our community center. It was also an effort to unite the citizens of both Pinson and Palmerdale. The theme for the festival came from the original roots of our community, a laid back, friendly-butterbean- eating-neighborhood. Many memories spawn from the thought of eating butterbeans and cornbread while visiting with neighbors on the front porch. The story is that when the committee was starting to work on the festival, they could not come up with a name. The meeting was running late and one of the members made the comment that they needed to hurry because his wife had butterbeans and cornbread waiting at home. So that is where the name came from.

The festival was started in 2006.  In 2010 we won the Guinness world Record for the largest pot of baked beans (1,010.65 US gallons).  In 2011 the Clay/Pinson Chamber took over the operation of the festival. The festival has been growing every year with more family entertainment.



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